March 12 Can Am school starts 9:00 – 12:00 every sat morning for seven weeks

March 20 Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

March 27 Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

April 10 Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

April 17 Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

April 23 Can Am graduation race 1:00

April 23 1st points race 1:00

May 1 Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

May 7th JRL 1:00

May 15th Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

May 21 JRL 1:00

June 4 JRL 1:00

June 5th Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

June 18 JRL 1:00

June 19th Tulsa Kart Club 11:00 am

July 2 JRL 1:00

July 10th Tulsa Kart Club 11:00 am

July 16 JRL 1:00

July 24th Tulsa Kart Club 11:00 am

July 30 JRL 1:00

Aug 7th Tulsa Kart Club 11:00

Aug 13 JRL 1:00

Aug 21st Tulsa Kart Club 11:00 am

Aug 27 JRL 1:00

Sept 10 JRL 1:00

Sept 11th Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

Sept 24 JRL 1:00

Sept 25th Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

Oct 8 JRL 1:00

Oct 9th Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

Oct 22 JRL 1:00

Oct 23rd Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

Nov 6th Tulsa Kart Club 1:00

Nov 15 JRL 1:00

Nov 26 tentative banquet date 7:00 pm




These general rules apply to each and every driver, mechanic, and/or pit crew personnel. Some items obviously do not apply to each division. You can easily determine which rules do not apply to you. You are expected to know the rules. Ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse.


The rules, procedures and/or specifications set forth by JRP Speedway, are designed to provide for the orderly conduct of all racing events to establish minimum acceptable requirements for such events. These rules shall govern the condition of all JRP events, and by participating in these events, all those entering the pits are deemed to have complied with these rules. NO express or implied warranty of safety shall result from publications of or compliance with these rules, procedures and/or specifications. These rules are intended as a guideline for conduct of the sport and are in no such way a guarantee against injury and/or death to participants, spectators and/or others. Management reserves the right to amend, alter, suspend, delete or supplement these rules as conditions warrant and without prior notice. Any changes will be posted in the registration shack. It is your responsibility to be aware of any changes posted.


Any situation not specifically covered herein will be acted upon by JRP Speedway management and their decision is final and binding.


JRP Speedway management reserves the right to revoke and cancel any admittance/pit pass without refund at any time it is felt that your presence or conduct is not in the best interest of auto racing, your fellow competitors, the fans, management or employees of JRP Speedway.

The owner or manager of JRP or their authorized representative may on their own, or from information in a report from track official, levy a penalty and/or fine and/or suspension upon any individual for conduct deemed unsportsmanlike and/or not being in the best interest of JRP.

We at JRP Speedway expect courteous conduct from all participants at all times. We do not and will not tolerate profanity in front of race fans, officials, employees and/or management. Anyone going to the score tower, flagstand, or track to argue with officials/employees during a race program will result in suspension for the entire race team. The driver and car owner are responsible for the conduct and actions of himself/herself, crew members, sponsors, and family members. Unsportsmanlike conduct such as arguing, fighting, reckless driving through the pits, display of weapons, threat of bodily harm or improper language will result in probation, suspension, and/or fine. Continued problems with the same individual will result in permanent suspension.


All classes will race for points and trophies only.

Admission into the racing facility signifies your acceptance of and compliance with all provisions. All race cars entered must file an Official entry form furnished by JRP before the car will be allowed to race. Also a membership application and JRP license must be registered and Covenant Not to sue signed before you will be allowed to race.
Every person entering the pit area must sign in and pay the required pit fee before entering the area. All drivers MUST sign in at pit board themselves. No signing in of other drivers allowed.
Only tow vehicles with race cars attached, official cars, wreckers, ambulances and cars designated by the promoter will be permitted through the pit gates. NO OTHERS ALLOWED.
All tools and equipment must accompany race car and tow car. All items, including race cars, tow cars, trailers, tools, etc. that are brought into JRP’s premises are at the owners risk.
Judgment on the ability and physical condition of a driver, his/her conduct and the safety of the car to compete will be determined by the promoter and/or track officials.
Track officials reserve the right to move a car to the rear of the field if he/she is considered a hazard to other drivers. Any loose parts from the car or protruding beyond the original shape of the car will be just cause for the black flag.
any change of car/driver combination will only be allowed BEFORE the start of the race program. Unauthorized driver changes will result in disqualification of the car and driver, forfeiture of all money and points earned during the race program and/or a possible fine.
Any driver or pit entrant injured must notify JRP management within 15 minutes after the completion of the racing program. If you are physically unable to do so, your family is responsible for reporting your injury to the management. Failure to do so could impair insurance benefits.
Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed in the pit area during racing. NO EXCEPTIONS. Any person exhibiting intoxication or whose breath smells of alcohol will not be allowed in the pit area. Illegal drugs are not permitted anywhere on JRP property.
All drivers will adhere to a 5 MPH speed limit in the pit area. No person shall climb onto or otherwise cling to a car moving into or out of the pit area as long as the car is in motion or being towed.
All cars must have a full width wire screen guard or lexan windshield (3/16” thickness) with a minimum of 2 supports.
All cars will go through and pass a safety inspection before being allowed to race. Any car found with a safety violation may be allowed to run that night only at the discretion of the safety technician.
All drivers must wear approved full face, Snell-approved (00,05 10) helmet SA or M rated. If M rated, you must wear a nomex head sock, neck braces, fire retardant uniforms, racing shoes and gloves. NO MOTORCYCLE HELMETS! No holes will be allowed in fire suits. Nomex underwear and hood are also recommended.
All drivers will be required to wear neck collars. Arm restraints or window nets are required. Cars must have 5-point harness system no more than 3 years old. High back aluminum racing seats are required.
Radiator: NO ANTIFREEZE! Or ANY OIL BASED WATER ADDITIVE. If any car spills antifreeze onto the track, the driver will lose all points for that night.
Mufflers are mandatory in every class. Not to exceed 95 dcb’s
Kill Switch are mandatory in every class. Must be labeled on and off and be reachable to driver.
Numbers: NO triple digit or letters allowed

Hot laps will start one hour before the scheduled start of the heat races. Each class will have one or two sets of hot laps according to the order listed on the pit board. Starting times will also be posted on the board.

Hot laps will start one hour before the scheduled start of the heat races. Each class will have one or two sets of hot laps according to the order listed on the pit board. Starting times will also be posted on the board.


Drivers meetings will be 5 minutes following completion of hot laps at the pit board.



Can-am will run 6 laps

All other classes will run 10


Can-am will run 12 laps

All other classes will run 20

When car numbers or time restrictions are an issue featured lengths may be reduced or lengthed.


Cars must be in the staging area when the field enters the track or those cars will be considered late and must start at the rear of the field. All cars requiring assistance will be moved to the rear of the field.
All original starts will be side-by-side, nose to tail using the white line in turn four
Cars re-entering the track must be OK’D by the pit steward. Under yellow flag only.
when a car does not make the original line up, the cars in that row will move straight forward. Rows will be balanced out by criss crossing from the rear.
All restarts will be championship style. (leader in row one, second place inside row two, third place outside row two, etc on back)
During a yellow flag period, driver will have one lap to line-up after informed of position by track board/officials. Any driver delaying program by failing to line up as directed will be sent to the pits, out of the race.
On restarts cars will line up in order of the last completed lap before the yellow flag was displayed.
Any car going into the grass more than twice unassisted will be black flagged.

Yellow flag and yellow light mean all cars, regardless of location on track, slow down and maintain position
Do not race back to the starting line. Scoring reverts to the previous lap completed under the green flag
Cars may go to the pit area during a yellow flag period and car may be worked on. Upon returning car will restart at the rear of the field.
any car stopping on the track intentionally to cause a yellow flag will be sent to the pits out of the race.
a yellow flag and light displayed on the final lap may result in the conclusion of the race at the discretion of the flagman.

In the event of a red flag, cars will be required to stop as soon as possible. When instructed cars will go to turn four without losing positions or laps. DO NOT PASS THE ACCIDENT DURING A RED FLAG!. Cars CANNOT be worked on while stopped on the track. Cars going into the pits will restart at the rear of the field. All cars must be ready to resume race on time. Closed red – pit steward decision.


Black flag waved at you means go immediately to the pit area. This may be for penalty, for a problem with race car, or at the request of the crew.

Rolled up black flag pointed at you is a warning for overly aggressive driving or poor conduct on the track. You may have to start at the rear of field as determined by crew. If behavior continues you will be given the black flag and disqualified from the race.
Ignoring the black flag and/or stopping on track will result in suspension and forfeiture of points for the night.

Six flags will be used:

Green – start of race
Yellow – Move slowly, maintain position
Black – disqualified driver and car for that race. **Strict suspension will be invoked by the promoter for violation of a black flag regulation. Any car the flagman deems unsafe will be given the black flag
Red – Stop immediately…emergency on track. DO NOT PASS WRECK. Do not block entry or exit ramps.
White – One lap to go.
Checkered – Race is complete.

Anyone judged by a track official to be improperly operating an ATV, etc.. will cause the car and driver associated with that vehicle to be subject to a suspension, fine or both. All ATV’s etc.. must have the car number his is associated with on the ATV. ONLY APPROVED ATV’S ALLOWED ON THE TRACK AT ANY TIME. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!!. No one under the age of 16 allowed on 4 wheelers in the pits or on the track.


Fighting of any kind will not be tolerated while on the premises of JRP.

First offense is a 2 week suspension and/or fined.
Second offense is a suspension for the remainder of the season.
Anyone fighting with track personnel will be fined and suspended permanently.


Rough or overly aggressive driving will result in disqualification.
Contact causing another car to spin or crash will result in the car that made the contact restart at the rear.
Contact from overly aggressive driving causing another car to crash out of an event will result in disqualification.
Penalties will be issued at the next yellow flag or at the end of the race for over aggressive driving that does not result in a yellow flag.
Bumping or ramming during hot laps, pace laps, yellow flags, or after a race will result in disqualification.
Improperly improving position on a restart will result in penalty or disqualification.


Cars determined to be involved in an accident that causes a yellow or red flag, if allowed to continue, will restart at the rear of the field.
2 Cars that stop or spin to avoid an accident, and DO NOT make contact with other cars or the wall will maintain their position.

Cars that stop or spin to avoid an accident and DO make contact with another car or the wall will be sent to the rear of the field.
Cars causing two unassisted yellow flags in a race for ANY REASON will be sent to the pits, out of the race. DO NOT STOP ON THE TRACK!!!
Top 5 cars in every class will be weighed after their race.

Protests will be taken only from a driver of a car participating in that race. All protests shall be filed with the official in the pit shack or turn 1 in writing within 15 minutes of the finish of that division’s “A” feature. The car being protested will be impounded overnight in the JRP shop, and inspected the next day. Only 2 representatives (driver, owner, mechanic) for each car will be allowed to observe the tear down. If any component is found illegal will be a two week suspension.

1st offense if found illegal will be a two week suspension

2nd offense if found illegal will be a 2 week suspension and forfeit ALL points.

The promoter (alf) shall decide all protests. Any appeal of the official decision must be filed in writing within 15 minutes to the promoter after notification of that decision. The promoters decision is final.

In the event the protested car is found to be legal, the protest fee shall be given to the car owner of the protested car minus a $25.00 fee that is paid to the track.

JRP reserves the right to tear down any car when the track feels it is necessary. Any owner and/or driver refusing any protest by another driver will be automatically disqualified. Know your rules. Illegal means no money and no points!!


Anything found on outside of motor and visible (ex: Carb, intake, etc) $25.00
Flywheel – $100.00
Head – $50.00
Pull oil pan to check rods, pistons, crank, etc – $150.00
Suspension $25.00

Any illegal parts – loss of points for that race & 2 week suspension
2nd offense of being illegal will be grounds for permanent suspension.

Promoter has the right to inspect any vehicle at any time. JRP reserves the right to refuse admittance to any person or car that is unsafe, or detrimental to the sport of auto racing.